Welcome to Preschool

At preschool, there are songs to sing, toys to share, and new things to learn!

Throughout this interactive board book, young readers get to move sliding characters as they engage with classic preschool activities, from storytime and art-making to playing and stretching.

"Let's read some books! Turn the page to begin. There are so many things to discover within." - Slide the young elephant along to make her push the book cart.

"Make a friend as you fly a plane through the air. A train trip goes farther with a friend there to share." - Slide the young lion to make him push the toy train along the tracks.

Through active engagement, littles begin to feel comfortable and empowered within this new space called preschool. In fact, they may even begin to feel welcome!

Welcome to Preschool
  • Interactive board book introducing little ones to preschool
  • Encourages fine motor skills, confidence, self-esteem
  • Features 6 moveable characters to bring each scene to life
  • Kids get to feel engaged in real preschool activities and spaces
  • Written and illustrated by Maria Carluccio
  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • High-quality board book binding