Our Story

Welcome to Jam! I'm so glad you're here. Jam is an online one stop shop for moms and babies. Jam is an acronym for my family's first names (Joanna, Aaron, Margot). This shop has been a dream for years and it's almost unreal that I'm finally here. I am a stay at home mom but before I was a mom I was in tech marketing and also ran a freelance social media business. 

I'm originally from Alabama so you might see me use "ya'll" a lot if you follow us on Instagram, but we now live in Northern California. Two years into living in California I got pregnant with our little girl, Margot Louise, born on July 15, 2018! 

My family loves nature so naturally when we had a baby on the way I decided to look for sustainably made baby brands. I was overwhelmed with what I found and quickly fell in love with the hunt for beautifully and ethically made baby items. This passion led me to what you see today, Jam!

I'm just a one woman show right now and a stay at home mom trying to follow my dreams and bring some moms along with me. 

I hope you enjoy shopping my site and please let me know if you come across any other brands you would like to see here!