Our Story

Welcome to Jam! I'm so glad you're here. Jam started out as a dream and it certainly wasn't a baby shop. My dream was to open an art gallery or a makers shop but once I got pregnant I loved finding special, one of a kind pieces for my future baby.

This dream of running my own shop turned into a new idea of creating a physical space for moms to gather and connect but also find their own special pieces for their little ones. I started the process of looking for the perfect space but as a year passed and then another 6 months, I decided I didn't want to wait any longer to begin this journey so I opened my online shop in March 2020 (basically the week of the COVID shutdown). 

It was scary and exciting but ultimately I know it was the right path for my business as I continued to search for the physical space meant for Jam. 

In August a sweet fellow small business owner let me know about a space in my neighborhood that had opened up. It truly could not have been more perfect and as the holidays were approaching I knew this was the right time to plant roots and begin cultivating this community. 

You might be wondering, why "Jam"? Jam is an acronym for my family's first names (Joanna, Aaron, Margot). 

The name truly encapsulates this little shop. It takes all three of us to run this small shop and I couldn't do it without my supportive, creative, loving husband. 


So if you're in Sacramento please come by and say Hi. If not I hope you enjoy perusing my site, thank you for coming by!