Bobbie Organic Baby Formula (This Product CANNOT be Shipped)


*This product cannot be shipped and is only available for in store purchase or local pick up

A European Style Recipe Modeled After Breast Milk.

  • Development

    Inspired by EU recipes and meets FDA nutritional requirements for infant formula.

  • Immunity

    Complete nutrition with key nutrients found in breast milk that support a developing immune system.

  • Gentle Digestion

    Designed to support your growing little one while being easy on the gut with more tummy-friendly whey protein.

Pasture-Raised Dairy

From A Cooperative of Small Family Farms Across the U.S.

It all starts with the milk, which is why we chose ORGANIC VALLEY® as one of our dairy ingredient partners. Organic Valley’s pasture-raised organic milk comes from cows that spend an average of 42% more time on pasture than USDA organic requirements. It’s just one example of how this cooperative of small family farms from across the country is still pioneering organic agriculture after 30 years.

Lactose + Whey

From small, organic farms coast to coast

Bobbie’s Lactose and Whey are sourced from small, organic farms here in the US. These farmers are committed to their craft and pride themselves on creating quality over quantity; what a corporation creates in an hour, they curate in over a day. Small batch processing and attention to detail sets our lactose and whey apart and brings top quality sourcing direct to your baby’s bottle.


From Space (Literally)

The DHA found in Bobbie originates from a longtime industry leader in sustainable algal oil production. The founding group was inducted into the Space Foundations Hall of Fame for their study on the beneficial use of algae in long-term space flight, they later identified a strain of algae that is a naturally high producer of DHA. Bobbie has gone straight to the source to find sustainable DHA, avoiding ocean contaminants from making their way to your baby’s bottle.


From Around The Globe

Bobbie’s Non-GMO, USDA organic, plant based and solvent free oils are sourced from all over the globe and produced by a 5th generation family business, where quality is at the forefront of everything they do.