Rainbow Playmap | Story telling Montessori Toy


Our first Playmap of 2023!

Rainbowland Playmaps are 21x21-inch squares made from gorgeous, heavyweight (8 momme) 100% pure mulberry silk, hand-painted, and then printed with non-toxic, earth-friendly dyes.

Featuring a limited edition Mini Playsilk, depicting a fantastical castle scene - perfect for small world, imaginative play.

Why Children LOVE Playmaps:

Playmaps are inspiring, magical toys that children will be drawn to play with time and time again. The simplicity and open-ended nature of Playsilks tap directly into the child’s creative potential.

* Open-ended play with Playmaps allows children to express their imagination and support their independence.

Playmaps are a wonderful addition to Easter baskets for an environmentally-friendly toy that nurtures the child's imagination.ps.