Kids Digital Camera | Akito the Fox


This is a straightforward, virtually indestructible first camera. -

It is covered in a super-soft, shock-proof silicone covering that's just as adorable to look at as it is tough. Dropping it from as high as 9ft won't cause any damage.

- The 2" IPS screen has true color, great contrast and a wide view-angle compared to common LCD screens, and reduces eye fatigue for children.

- The lanyard is also a USB and a charging cord. No need to fiddle with extra accessories during family trips.

- Wireless media transfer to phone/tablet via a free app.

- Cute filters and frames are available for the camera.

- No video game. It is a first camera, NOT another gaming device.

- Ready to use out-of-the-box. A 16GB memory card is pre-installed. Most toy cameras do not include memory cards and you have to pay at least another $10 to buy them separately.