Kids Baking Set | Pink


These perfect baking utensils are ergonomically designed for kids by a US brand Tampoco.
Crafted for real kitchen use, and tested by professional pâtisserie chefs, the size, the weight, the grip, and the angle of stirring are all perfect for little hands.

Ergonomically designed for kids ages 5-11.

5 piece baking utensils; Rolling pin, whisk, spatula, pastry brush and spoon:

– The Spatula: A double-edge spatula for all types of bowls and jars.
– The Spoon: Perfect for stirring and the exact amount of 1 tbsp.
– The Rolling Pin: A super hygienic version of the French rolling pin. Easy to wash, no dry dough will stick to it. Allows a better grip and control while rolling.
– The Pastry Brush: Long bristles for a flexible swift. The bristles won’t lose their shape over time.
– The Whisk: A handle that fits the way kids stir a bowl. Allowing them to control their movements.

Food grade silicone, FDA approved, BPA and BPS free.

Dishwasher safe, heat & freeze resistance (-4 to 250 Fahrenheit).